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If you haven’t attended counselling previously you may be wondering what to expect.  I remember my first appointment with a counsellor.  I was concerned about what I was going to say to this complete stranger and what they may think about me and my problem.  However, I was soon put at my ease and it is an important aspect of my own counselling practice to help you feel relaxed and able to talk freely without being judged or criticised.     

Once the initial session date has been booked you may find it helpful to write a few notes to bring along as a starting point, although this is not expected or necessary.  

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When we meet I will explain my ways of working, discuss the outcomes you would like from counselling and, with mutual agreement, arrange future appointment dates and times.


I will also give you a ‘Statement of Understanding’, which outlines the aims of counselling, the issue of confidentiality, appointments and costs.

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